Intel is building a Hollywood studio to produce mixed reality experiences


Intel just announced its new mixed reality headset, and it’s already looking to add a ton of content to it. At the Intel developer conference in San Francisco, the company disclosed that it is planning on building a fully fledged Hollywood studio to reproduce sports an entertainment experiences viewable from any angle you could ever want.

The whole field is digital. We’ll provide the technology to make it happen. You become the director of your merged reality experience. The idea is to be dedicated to push limits of our tech and understand how it can be used in production, to really redefine what is possible with the tech,

says Brian Krzanich, CEO of the Santa Clara company.

Krzanich says viewers will have the ability to view the reproductions from any angle, experiencing and understanding these elite athletes  and performances in a whole new way.

The company used a similar technology at the NBA finals this year, which allowed viewers to stop video at any time and rotate the field of view to understand what was going on at any particular moment.

This isn’t easy to do, however. Intel uses loads of cameras and servers to stitch the video together in real time, enabling viewers to select exactly what they want to see and from what angle. Because of this, the company is diving head first into the development of the new studio, dubbing it the Intel Tech Experience Labs. While Intel says this is not a complete movie studio like others in Hollywood, it should be large enough to help other companies to create their own experiences based on Intel’s tech.

The new headset upon which the experiences will be built around is completely open sourced, meaning developers will be able to make their own applications to help advance the technology. Intel is very open to new ideas being developed for the module, so if you think you can build something great incorporating their new HMD, go right ahead.

What do you think about the studio? Is Intel going overboard with the initiative? Let us know your thoughts.

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