Intel expands its VR efforts into sports with Voke acquisition


Intel has not been secret about its plans to offer new virtual reality and augmented reality experiences. Today, the company moved into that direction once again with the announcement that it had acquired Voke, a Santa Clara, California company that has created technology for immersive sports video experiences.

Voke was formed in 2004 and created a technology called TrueVR, which uses sets of paired cameras, combined with software. Intel says that when it is used to cover sports events, it “provides a natural view of the action, allowing fans to see realistic proportions and depth wherever they look.” The images and video can be viewed with a VR headset, along with a smartphone, tablet or PC.

As usual with these kinds of small acquisitions, Intel did not provide any financial information on the deal to purchase Voke. However, it represents just the latest move that the PC chipmaker has made into the VR space, as the computer market continues to get smaller. Intel has already announced “Project Alloy”, its ‘merged reality’ headset that it says will blend views of the real world with virtual objects. It will use Microsoft’s Windows Holographic system, and Intel plans to offer the hardware design to other PC makers so they can make their own “Project Alloy” headsets.


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