Into the Radius Brings NVIDIA DLSS Support with the Latest Major Update

into the radius
Source: CM Games

The Stalker-inspired VR single-player survival shooter called Into the Radius has recently received a major update that introduces, among other things, support for NVIDIA DLSS technology.

Into the Radius was first released for Windows in November 2019, allowing players to explore the Pechorsk Radius zone and use stealth, climbing, or realistic weapons to explore its surreal landscapes and fight dangerous anomalies.

Thanks to NVIDIA DLSS, players will now be able to take advantage of groundbreaking AI rendering technology that increases graphics performance by upscaling lower-resolution images to a higher-resolution in real-time.

DLSS is supported by all RTX 20/30-series GPUs, but it must be enabled manually by individual developers, which is exactly what CM Games, the studio behind Into the Radius, did when they released the Overachiever update.

In addition to DLSS support, the Overachiever update also includes the following new additions and improvements:

  • Tips section in the player’s journal.
  • Steam Achievements.
  • Cigarettes that can be used to decrease hunger and sleepiness slightly.
  • Smoke grenades to escape or change position unnoticed.
  • Holes in the glock17 magazine to see the bullets inside.
  • New 9×18 pistol, GS-18.
  • Upgraded tutorial and new game flow.
  • The control scheme is changed to symmetrical so that buttons control the weapon in hand only.
  • Separate options for controls and inventory mirroring for left-handed players.
  • Oculus headsets now run through native SDK.
  • New art for the sleeping bag and various other art replacements in-game.

Into the Radius is available on Steam for $29.99, and the game has received nearly 1,000 positive reviews and just over 100 negative ones. If you’re in the mood for an intense survival action, this might just be the right game for you.  

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