Invisage QuantumFilm ready to bring better cameras to VR headsets


Mobile photography has come a long way, but it is still true that a smaller sensor has more complications. This is especially an issue for the tinier products in the industry, like IoT devices and VR headsets. But QuantumFilm is ready to roll out and might be changing the whole game.

This technology was created by Invisage and could replace CMOS sensors, thanks to its thinner size, better handling of light, better dynamic range and improved image stabilization. And QuantumFilm can do all of this while keeping high resolutions. But what is it that makes QuantumFilm better?

Traditional sensors aim to improve resolution by making pixels smaller. This means each pixel is less sensitive to light, therefore degrading image quality. What InVisage does is use a quantum dot coating with very high light sensitivity. This film is placed over silicon, allowing the sensor to capture all of the light without obstructions.


The idea is that QuantumFilm could benefit cameras for smaller gadgets, such as IoT devices, drones, vehicles and, of course, VR headsets that take advantage of cameras (such as the HTC Vive). But of course, this technology could improve any camera.

We are not sure when/if we will see QuantumFilm coming to consumer devices. This is because it is still unsure whether it will be widely adopted or not, but we we are certainly excited to see what it can do for our tech.

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