‘Invisible’ is a 360 degree thriller you can watch on any device


Now that 360 degree video is hitting the mainstream, it’s only natural that some full fledged TV series begin to take over the format. Though we haven’t seen many existing shows be converted into 360 degree glory, there are quite a few new shows in development, and it seems that Doug Liman, director of films like The Bourne Identity and Edge of Tomorrow has been hard at work creating his own production, simply called Invisible.

The series is spread across 5 different episodes, and last around 7 minutes each. Each episode uses a static camera which jumps through different locations to move users through the story. This type of film making is completely different from the traditional closed-view media, as the crew was unable to force focus on specific subjects or pan the camera in a traditional manor. Liman says script writing was especially difficult, since they needed to completely recreate the process from scratch.

We had to create our own script writing format.

said Litman, in a recent interview with UploadVR.

I think when people watch Invisible, they’ll see how far you can push scripted VR, and how many of the rules that existed before us don’t really apply anymore.

The show is being created by 30 Ninjas, which is a new entertainment company co-founded by Liman and Julina Tatlock. Litman isn’t the only one who is devoted to the success of the series, either. Tatlock wants to see the company perform just as well.

It’s going to be hugely important for us at 30 Ninjas that people find this entertaining.

said Tatlock in the same interview

We want to tell popular stories.

You can check out the entire series for free on Jaunt’s website. Though you can technically view the series in any format you like, it was made for VR, and will be a lot more enjoyable if you use a headset.

Let us know what you think of the series. The producers have said a season 2 may be a possibility depending on the success of the initial run. Either way, it’s a great step in the future of VR entertainment.

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