‘John Wick Chronicles’ comes to HTC Vive February 9th

John Wick is getting a sequel, and it’s launching on February 10th. To commemorate the launch of the original film and help bring in the new movie, Lionsgate studios has opted to work with Starbreeze studios, Grab Games, Big Red Button, and GameCo to bring the series to a whole new dimention: virtual reality.

First showed off at New York Comic Con, the new game acts similar to a wave clearing title, but set in the John Wick universe, staging gunfights and more above high-rise rooftops. While we haven’t tried the title out ourselves, those who have are deeming it to be quite remarkable, and quite a step above what many virtual reality experiences currently offered on the market. Just check out this quote from when VR Focus tried out the game at the convention:

The visual quality of John Wick: The VR Experience is remarkable. A significant step above that which VR enthusiasts have become used to, John Wick: The VR Experience is easily on par with the high end output of traditional 2D monitor videogames.

That is a pretty positive recommendation, and we’re excited to finally try the title for ourselves once it releases on Steam February 9th.

If you pre-order the game, you’ll also get PAYDAY 2, the critically acclaimed first person shooter title from the same studio for free, as well as a special John Wick weapon pack in the PAYDAY game. Players in the US will also be able to order a deluxe special edition bundle that comes with the original John Wick movie for an additional $10.

Generally we’re pretty heavily against pre-ordering video games, as it allows for studios to make significant profits on titles even if they didn’t put the effort in to make a quality game. Of course the option is completely up to you, and the free copy of PAYDAY 2 (usually $20 alone) makes this a tough sell for those that were hoping to wait for reviews.

Are you going to see the new movie? Excited for the virtual reality title? Let us know in the comments below.

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