Keep your PlayStation VR headset clean with this new hygienic cover

A few days ago, Sony confirmed it had sold 915,000 units of its PlayStation VR headset since it launched in October. That number, as it turned out, is well ahead of the company’s own internal projections. That also means there are 915,000 heads that are very likely sweating while wearing the device, which could get pretty messy with more and more use. Now a company called VR Cover has a solution to this issue, with its new PlayStation VR Hygienic Cover.

This same company has already released similar products for the HTC Vive, the Oculus Rift and the Samsung Gear VR headsets. The one made for the PlayStation VR has a soft Velour fabric which can be placed over the headset’s forehead section. The idea is that the cover can absorb any sweat that the owner might generate while playing games with the headset. After a gaming session, the cover can be taken off and put in a washing machine so it’s made nice and clean again, and ready for another session.

This kind of product is pretty nifty, especially if you are going to be sharing your VR headset with anyone else, which is very likely. There’s no sense in giving your sweat over to someone else who wants to check out your virtual reality games. The VR Cover PlayStation VR Hygienic Cover bundle is now on sale for $19. When you buy it, you will actually get two of the covers, which means one can be inside the washing machine getting cleaned while you wear the headset with the other cover.

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