Killing Floor: Incursion hands on @ Oculus Connect 3

At Oculus Connect 3 we have had the opportunity to check out a number of great games so far, among them being Tripwire’s Killing Floor: Incursion.

As you’d expect from the Killing Floor series, the game is very much a zombie shooter, but the pacing here is a bit different from what you’d see from traditional titles in the series. Not only are there more survival horror elements, but the overall game pace is also a bit slower with more stealthy jump scares and even a bit of puzzle solving. Incursion does have a single player mode but its also worth noting that there is a co-op mode, and during my demo I was playing it with another player in a different room.


Incursion is built from the ground up with VR in mind, and the graphics here are very well polished. As you’d expect, the visuals are a bit muted color-wise, but that’s a conscience design decision that gives you a gritty, darker atmosphere that is perfect for kicking some zombie ass.


Turning to the controls, this is an Oculus Touch game, meaning you play it standing up and you have a full range of motion at your disposal thanks to the new controllers.  Gameplay wise, you are wearing a holster with your gun on the right, knife on the left, and flashlight in the middle. Using the weapons, and the flashlight, are pretty straightforward- you grab them and use them naturally thanks to the control.


Movement in the game is done by using the left joystick with jumping (aka teleporting) utilized as a means of getting around. The play space is pretty limited here, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. I will say that the game gets pretty intense and sometimes you have the habit of turning around and not facing the infrared sensors, and as a result it loses track of them for a slight moment. Unfortunately, that’s a downside of the Rift’s detection system, but it’s not a deal breaker by any means,  just something to keep in mind.

Overall, this is a typical survival game but the Oculus controllers make you feel like your really holding your gun and knife, an experience you just can’t get with a traditional non-VR game. Killing Floor: Incursion is expected to arrive sometime in 2017. We’ll hopefully have more details about it in the near future, but in the meantime stay tuned to VR Source for more great coverage from Oculus Connect 3 and beyond.



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