Rockstar Games announces “LA Noire: The VR Case Files” for HTC Vive

If you were a fan of the original LA Noire which launched all the way back in 2011, you’re in for quite the treat.

Rockstar Games has just announced four new versions of the title for all to enjoy, and has even rebuilt the game from the ground up for HTC Vive! You’ll be able to re-experience all the thrills of the title on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Playstation 4 as well, each with enhanced graphics and features specific to the platform, such as HD rumble for the Switch.

The VR version, titled “The VR Case Files” offers seven of the original missions from the game, and has reworked them to play specifically well in virtual reality. With so much content to explore and experience, this version of the game is sure to bring you hours of excitement.

The entire slew of remasters will be launching on November 14th of 2017, so there’s a lot to get excited about. The original title received shockingly good reviews, and its likely that this new remastered edition will bring all the same action in a whole new way.

Are you excited  about the re-release? A lot of my friends played this game but I never go around to it, so I might just have to pick it up for Vive and maybe even Switch!

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