The Lawnmower Man will come full circle with a new VR series

The Lawnmower Man, released in 1992, was one of the first major feature films to explore the themes of virtual reality. Now a company called Jaunt has announced plans to create a scripted VR series that will offer a re-imagining of The Lawnmower Man film.

The original movie took its title from a Stephen King short story, and starred Pierce Brosnan as a scientist who was using a virtual reality setup in combination with drugs to expand the minds of humans. He convinces a simple-minded greenskeeper,┬áJobe Smith, played by Jeff Fahey, to be the subject of his experiment. Jobe’s mind does indeed expand with the combo of VR and drugs and he becomes more intelligent, but he also develops telepathic-based abilities. Eventually his mind becomes digitized and he abandoned his physical form. The film spawned a poorly-received sequel in 1996.

In today’s press release, Jaunt said it will create The Lawnmower Man VR series in partnership with the film’s rights holders Jim Howell and Rupert Harvey. There’s no other information on what they plan to do with the storyline or when it will be released.

Jaunt also announced a number of other episodic VR shows it plans to develop. They include Luna, a sci-fi thriller set on an abandoned station on Earth’s moon, along with The Enlightened Ones, which centers on a device that offers immortality to all humans. There’s even a VR series in the works about seeing the effects of taking drugs without actually taking them called Bad Trip (yes, its a comedy).

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