Leap Motion reveals hand-tracking tech for Samsung Gear VR and other headsets


You may have heard of Leap Motion – the company that offered Kinect-style hand and finger gesture detection technology for PCs. That product unfortunately didn’t catch on, but now the company is making its mark in the virtual reality and augmented reality space. Today, the company officially revealed its Leap Motion Mobile platform, designed to work with untethered VR and AR headsets that work in tandem with smartphones.

Leap Motion has already built a reference system on top of the Samsung Gear VR headset to demonstrate its new hardware. Leap Motion says it has developed an all-new hand and finger-tracking sensor that offers both higher performance with lower power use compared to previous versions. The new hardware also offers a full 180-degree field of view from side-to-side as well as up and down.

In a demo that was seen by TechCrunch, Leap Motion’s tech was used to view a VR object in space that could be interacted and manipulated with just hand gestures. It added that the cost of adding the company’s motion detectors to current VR headsets is about $10 or so, including hardware and software licensing. Leap Motion is currently demoing its reference design to other hardware makers and it expects to see some of them incorporate the technology in their products sometime in 2017.

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