Build your own LEGO characters with the new LEGO Brickheadz VR app for Daydream View


More and more VR apps are being released in the Google Play Store that support the company’s Daydream View smartphone headset. The latest example is LEGO Brickheadz, a free app that lets children of all ages make cool LEGO-based figures in a virtual world.

The Brickheadz brand from LEGO was first announced earlier this year, and will offer people a way to own buildable figures based on pop culture characters from Marvel and DC’s superhero universes. The real-world Brickheadz won’t go on sale until 2017, but this new VR app offers something of a sneak peek at what this LEGO spinoff is like.

The game gives you the option of building your own Brickheadz figures. You can also unlock new characters and combinations by putting together pre-arranged figures via special diagrams. All in all, this app would seem to be targeting young kids, but we would imagine older folks might get a kick out of playing with virtual LEGO bricks as well.

One word of warning: The app is listed in the Google Play Store as “Unreleased”, which likely means that there could be more than the usual number of bugs in this version.

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