LG Tone Studio hands on: Bluetooth headphones that work for VR

Yup, you read that title correctly! Even though the LG Tone Studio is a pair Bluetooth headphones at its core meant for listening to music at your leisure, it’s actually one of the few that can complement VR experiences as well. We managed to get a quick look at what this unique pair of wireless headphones can deliver, especially when it comes to VR.

Anyone that’s familiar with LG’s Tone-line of Bluetooth headphones will surely recognize the design language employed here with the Tone Studio. Going with the same wrap-around approach, it’s different from its previous offerings due to its sheer size! It’s substantially larger than LG’s previous offerings, but the reason for that is because it features four speakers embedded into the band’s frame to deliver Real 3D Surround Sound. Think of it as a speakerphone option, if you want to share with others what you’re listening to – as opposed to the privacy you’d normally get using the earbuds.

Now, the reason why the LG Tone Studio complements the VR experience is because it also features a dedicated auxiliary-in port, allowing it to connect directly to an audio source. Don’t get us wrong, the Bluetooth connections is great, showing zero evidence of any latency issues, which is a common problem with most Bluetooth headphones when the audio isn’t synchronized to a video you’re watching. However, this wired option is a convenience that means it’ll ensure compatibility with all VR headsets and systems.

And you know what? It works rather well, whether it’s going with the wired or wireless connection. We tried it out briefing using it wired and wireless using the Google Daydream View headset. While the earbuds provide the most immersive audio experience, the speakers also do nicely with its robust tones. There’s also a little bit of bass produced with the Tone Studio, giving it a sort of haptic experience.

This doesn’t come cheap, which is probably going to be the biggest roadblock for most people. At $229.99, people are really going to need to think long and hard about investing into the LG Tone Studio. Then again, you won’t find a pair of Bluetooth headphones that offers the kind of audio experience this offers – especially for VR, which requires zero latency with the audio streaming.

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