This is LG’s new SteamVR headset

The HTC Vive was never meant to be the only headset to run SteamVR. Valve created an open ecosystem for a reason, hoping that various hardware manufacturers would pick up where the Vive left off to create an intriguing and competitive landscape for VR to grow. Now that GDC is finally upon us, LG have shown up to boast a new prototype that will hopefully be making its way to the market at some point, even if the final product is nothing like what we’ve seen today.

Here are the specifications of the new hardware cited by LG:

  • Two panels (one for each eye) with a resolution of 1440 by 1280 each
  • OLED display from LG
  • 3.64 inches diagonal
  • 90 Hz refresh rate
  • 110 degree FOV

This seems quite similar to what Valve is offering, but we have to remember, this is a prototype. Developer kits are set to be sent out to a number of “select partners” by the end of the week, who will give the company feedback on what needs to be changed before a consumer release can be set in stone. That said, LG did mention that it was hoping to have “an announcement” regarding the product sometime this year.

Representatives from LG said that the display and weight will most likely improve before official launch, though the final version would likely be near the same price as competitors. While we can’t say much for sure past that, take a look at these photos from our friends at Upload VR to see the unit for yourself.

What do you think about LG entering the market? Do you think they will be able to offer anything interesting enough to promote competition?


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