‘Here They Lie’ coming to PSVR this fall

While the general top-down gaming is great for virtual reality, there are a few genres that have the potential to make the platform really shine. Probably the most recognizable genre that many consumers think of is the flight simulation genre, which requires only tracking of the head to create an almost completely immersive experience. Another game type exists, though, which VR will be able to take to the next level. I’m talking about horror games.

‘Here They Lie’ locks users in a terrifying city with monsters of all shapes and sizes, from human sized shadow figures to roaches crawling out of walls and crevices. This is one of the first true horror games launching for the platform, and as we’ve seen, VR can completely convince people that they are in fact inside a new world. The title is being developed by Tangentleman in association with Sony’s own Santa Monica studios, so you can likely expect something great from the game. Though Tangentleman has released few details on the title, it looks like it should get your hair standing straight up.

Here They Lie transports you to a terrifying world from which you cannot escape. Explore a nightmarish city inhabited by strange, malevolent creatures in this ground-breaking first-person horror game compatible with PlayStation VR. Struggle to survive as you wrestle with life or death moral choices and try to uncover the mystery of the woman in yellow.

The colors and mood are dreary and muted, and give a feeling of immense dread to the player. You can explore the city all you like, but be warned, as you may find things you never wanted to see. A few other games have been announced touting a similar feeling, but it will be exciting to see how this genre evolves over time.

Tangentleman have released a short teaser trailer detailing the general landscape of the title, so be sure to check that out below.



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