Limberjack is a professional chainsaw competition simulator


These are the assets that make up Limberjack, a new virtual reality chainsaw competition simulator.

“Wait, what? That’s a thing?”


With Limberjack by Husqvarna Studios, players have the opportunity to experience first hand what it is like to carve chunks of wood at competitive speeds. While the idea seems a bit silly, this is a real thing, and while it might be obscenely niche, it’s a useful use of virtual reality for those who don’t have the opportunity to practice on real logs of wood. Husqvarna touts that Limberjack gives players the opportunity to access “a secluded training site where you can pursue your dream of breaking into the World Logging Championships to become the undisputed greatest limber alive.”, which is basically exactly what you would think.

If you ever wanted to get your blood pumping, this title is for you. Combining the thrill of power tools with the stress of timed competition is an experience like no other, and should help any Vive owner to get their Lumberjack fix. It’s not often the average Joe has the opportunity to experience this occupation, so it should be worth checking it out at the very least.

The video provided for the title is pretty hilarious, and shows a player strapping in to the Vive and shaving off some log’s branches while their friends cheer in glee. The music is also oddly chirpy, considering the game is all about cutting wood at high speeds. Regardless, it should be an interesting demo for those hoping to try new things.

Are you interested in using power tools to cut wood at high speeds? I would at least like to try out this title to see what all the hubub is about.

You can download the game from Steam here. It’s free!

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