The London Heist hands-on

Being the bad guys never felt so rewarding, especially after briefly getting a quick demo of the Playstation VR game, The London Heist. This was yet another title that was being showed off during E3, but it was something we didn’t get the chance to check out for ourselves. Fear not, though, as we just experienced what this action packed VR game has in store for us when it launches in time for the headset’s arrival.

For those of you who don’t know about this title, The London Heist is a first person action shooter that places you in the roll of a member that’s part of this robbery crew. In our particular demo, the getaway scene, we find ourselves at the beginning of the demo sitting on the passenger’s side of a vehicle – while one of our cohorts drives this getaway vehicle. What’s really nice from the onset is the ability to nearly interact with everything in the vehicle. From the glove compartment, the visor, and even the radio knobs, the demo makes you feel as though you’re literally in the passenger’s seat.

The London Heist hands on 3

Even more realistic, we can open the passenger door and lean out to see what’s behind us, which is pretty cool given the realistic way the game manages to do it. At a certain point, however, these gang members on motorcycles and other vehicles accelerate towards us – firing their weapons in an attempt to stop us. This is the point in the demo when things get pretty intense, as our driver throws us a submachine gun to fire back at them

First and foremost, the action is just non-stop with this demo, since aiming our weapon while ducking requires some effort on our part. Pushing us into that world of realism, the game is a bit unconventional from the traditional first person shooter mainly because reloading isn’t automatically done. Rather, when a magazine clip is emptied, we need to use the Playstation Move controller to physically pick up a fresh one from the glove compartment (or the bag next to us), and place it into the slot on the weapon itself – and then from there, we can proceed to fire.

The London Heist hands on 2

Matching the feverish action, the game manages to move at a pretty fast frame rate without any noticeable levels of choppiness or slowdown. Add to that, the graphics definitely adds to that realistic nature of the game. Quite frankly, we had a ton of fun playing this demo, despite it being a short one. While we were only exposed to one scenario in the game, the developer promises to have a fair amount of variety in the sense that the player will be placed in a specific role during a job – so we’re really curious to see how they do that.

From the looks of it, The London Heist has the kind of recipe that can instantly win over first timers in the VR space, as it blends a powerful experience that showcases the beauty and potential of VR.

The London Heist hands on 1

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