Lone Echo to finally launch on July 20 for Oculus Rift, Echo Arena multiplayer will be free

Lone Echo, the Oculus Rift-exclusive sci-fi VR game, finally has a release date. The game, from developer Ready at Dawn, will be released on July 20th for $39.99. In even better news, Echo Arena, the multiplayer portion of the game, will be released as a separate product for free.

Lone Echo was first announced in October 2016, and at that time were impressed by our brief hands-on experience with the game. Your character in the game is an android called Jack, who is working in orbit around Saturn in a full zero gravity environment. When a spatial anomaly appears nearby, it causes chaos, and you have to try to get through the experience while also rescuing your human friend, Captain Rhodes. If you pre-order the game, you can save 10 percent off its regular price.

Echo Arena also takes place in zero-g, as you compete in two teams of five players each. They score points by throwing disks in goals while floating around in an arena. Think of it as a mix of Tron and Ender’s Game. Before it’s officially released, an early access beta of Echo Arena will be available to play on June 23. Oculus has also announced the VR Challenger League. Teaming up with the eSports organization ESL, it will offer pro VR gamers a chance to win their share of $200,000 in prizes. Brackets for another VR title, The Unspoken, will begin on July 12, followed by Echo Arena when it launches on July 20.


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