LookVR lets you visualize your data in a whole new way

Virtual reality has already revolutionized how we consume media, but what about more practical applications like how we do work? So far we’ve seen a couple of companies such as BMW change their daily workflow with the power of VR, but besides these few edge cases, what can virtual reality do to really benefit a company in the long term? Enter LookVR.

LookVR is a virtual reality software title for the HTC Vive built on the Looker API. Thorough the software, users can interact with all kinds of data they use every day, in 3 dimensional space. Whether it’s visualization of word clouds, interactive data tables, or physical stacks of revenue, users will be able to see and interact with their data like never before.

In a demo by Will Gieseler, an engineer at Looker and developer of LookVR, the user is transported to a low-poly sci-fi landscape with a small circle of interactivity. In this area, the user can load up multiple different data sets of their choosing in a variety of styles, including 3D bar charts, word clouds, and even physical stacks of money.

Will begins the demo by showing off the ability to hone in on large sets of data, and begins to “drill” into the Olympic aquatic events over the years. After starting with a large data set containing all of the Olympic events and their metals over time, Will is able to specify which sets of data he wants specifically, and is able to visualize them in front of him in the form of 3D bar charts. By giving the user the ability to select smaller data sets from the mounds of data companies can capture over time, Gieser believes users can get a more physical grasp on their data.

This is backed by the full power of LookML and Looker’s API

says Gieseler in the keynote.

[The API] lets you create a free-form experience instead of relying on some endpoint..

The software is still in extreme alpha stage, as it was originally made as a side project to show off at Looker’s JOIN conference earlier this year, but we’re sure there are many more styles of visualization to come in the future.

Using the Looker platform is a requirement to use the software as it directly uses the LookML API, but Looker is already being used by loads of companies including Snapchat, Lyft, BuzzFeed, and more. While this isn’t something that will be coming to your living room anytime soon, we could see tech companies embracing LookVR with open arms.

What do you think about using VR for data visualization? It certainly gives a unique perspective into trends, which is a goldmine for internet and marketing companies alike.

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