LUMO Labs bringing wireless full-body tracking to VR games

LUMO Labs is supporting the development of a project that could change the way we interact with virtual reality by offering a way of providing wireless tracking.

VRee is a platform for real-time wireless full body tracking that will capture natural motion and transfer it into the virtual reality world. The VRee technology contains proprietary algorithms that optimize mocap suits and other VR related peripherals. They work together to provide full body virtual reality experiences without relying on line of sight technologies such as current sensor technology to provide the next level of immersive VR interaction.

The company behind the software is teaming up with various 3rd party manufacturers of motion capture suits that could benefit from such technology, such as XsensRokoko and PrioVR, to get the hardware required to bring the technology to various experience tours around the United States.

VRee runs at 2,500 hertz with a latency of 5 milliseconds to help with preventing motion drifting between the suit hardware and the virtual reality translation.

Currently VRee offers a competitive multiplayer disk-throwing game as a sort of proof-of-concept demo, with support for multiple high-end VR experiences created by 3rd part developers on the way. Various genres such as escape rooms, Mission Impossible-style adventures, training simulations for crucial public servants like firefighters and EMT’s, even product design and presentation for brands and other marketers.

The obvious benefit of wireless tracking is the convenience of not having multiple peripherals connected around the room to translate your movement into virtual reality. Having an all inclusive suit means space requirements are drastically reduced. Not only this but the detected movement can be enhanced as the trackers are closer to the source. Having a wireless full-body tracking solution would certainly transform how we interact with virtual reality so definitely worth watching this space.

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