Luna hands on @ Oculus Connect 3

At Oculus Connect 3 we had the chance to go hands on with a number of different games, among them was Luna, a unique virtual reality puzzle game.

While I’ll be honest and say this game is not personally my thing, I could see it appealing to others, particularly younger audiences. For one thing it is less of a “game” and more of an interactive storybook experience that has colorful visuals, great storytelling, and some light puzzles that are pretty easy to figure out.


The story is a bit odd in a way. Basically, the world has been broken into pieces and scattered through space. The main character is a bird, who is on a mission to put everything back together again. So the bulk of the game takes place in outerspace.


Gameplay wise, the game uses the new Oculus Touch controllers and your hands (or really what look like pincers) are used to interact in the world. At least in the demo, you use these pincers to pluck the petals off the flower and when you do that it generates this life. From there you are transported to a constellation and you have to rearrange them to finalize and create this life. After all of that, you basically make this storybook world based on your imagination – populating it with the trees, animals, whatever you want.

While the game is admittedly a bit quirky, the game could really be a hit for younger audiences and those just looking for something totally different.


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