Madefire will bring your comics to life in VR


If you’re a comic fan with a Gear VR headset, then we have some stellar news in store for you. The flat page of a comic book and the immersive world of virtual reality might seem like uncommon bedfellows, but Madefire has a differing opinion. The company has developed an app that lets your read your favorite comic books in delightfully immersive 3D.

Now, this isn’t the kind of fully immersive VR experience that you might get from other games and apps, of course. Rendering the full experience of even a single comic book with that level of detail would require the full brute force of a Hollywood production studio. However, you will find emphasized text and characters “popping out” right before your eyes.

That’s right. This is essentially the high tech equivalent of those charming pop-up books you read as a kid. But the overall effect is surprisingly engaging. Initially, there will only be a sampling of a few comics for you to peruse. This is pretty standard fare for the virtual reality market, which is quick to showcase functionality before actually rolling out robust content.

Some of the comics that will be available first include “Injustice: Year One” and “The Old Curiosity Shop.” However, Madefire says that they want to expand their collection into a catalogue of over 10,000 comics by the time Christmas rolls around.

Think this is the kind of comic experience you would be interested in investigating? We’ll keep you posted as more details roll out, but in the meantime, let us know what you think of this VR comic book initiative in the comments below!


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