The Mage’s Tale is the new VR installment of The Bard’s Tale series

InXile Entertainment, who brought you classics like Wasteland and The Bard’s Tale is looking to finally make its leap into the virtual reality space with the new game The Mage’s Tale. Based in the same universe as The Bard’s Tale, the player controls a conjurer out to rescue his kidnapped master, traveling through 11 dungeons from The Bard’s Tale universe. Since this game is obviously based on mage-like abilities, the user can use the Oculus Touch controllers to wield different spells and learn stronger magic throughout the journey.

Though there is no release date set for the game quite yet, we know that the studio is working on it alongside Wasteland 3 and The Bard’s Tale 4. InXile CEO Brian Fargo says he is especially excited about this particular installment, as it allows the player to be physically inside the dungeon they are exploring instead of just viewing it from an outside perspective.

It’s great to see more high-end studios making their way into the virtual reality space. Though a number of major studios have pushed out some pretty high end content for Oculus Rift already, having more options never hurt anyone.

Are you excited for this release? Were you a fan of the previous games from the studio? Let us know!

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