Magic Leap acquires FuzzyCube Software and key animators from Moonbot Studios

Magic Leap has been through a leap and a half this past year, getting huge amounts of funding while proceeding to put technology development on hold to work on other projects. It’s been quite a roller coaster trying to cover everything the company has been doing over the last year or so, but it seems that the company is confident in their future, as they have just opted to acquire FuzzyCube Software as well as key animators from Moonbot Studios.

In case you haven’t heard of FuzzyCube before, they are known for creating very casual iOS titles such as Chemo Calc and BoomTown!. It would make sense that Magic Leap would want to acquire a mobile game studio, as they will likely be using the new hardware they are creating for interactive games and activities. FuzzyCube also seems like a sensible option in particular, as the team came straight from Apple, and Magic Leap’s CEO is also an Ex-Apple employee.

As far as Moonbot Studios is concerned, Magic Leap was unable to acquire the entire company, which ended up working out ok, since they were able to get key animators to head over to the company. About a dozen of these artists are making their way over to Magic Leap, so they will likely be helping the company to develop some insanely quality content. Moonbot has already earned an Oscar and two Emmys, so they will likely help Magic Leap produce something magical indeed.

There still hasn’t been much information regarding what Magic Leap is planning for the near future, but we’re sure it will be quite incredible. While they are expected to ship out their $1,000 – $2,000 headset by the end of the year, they have remained very quiet about nearly everything up until this point.

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