Make virtual worlds feel more real with the Manus VR gloves

Virtual reality is a fantastic way to be presented with an immersive virtual work right before your eyes, but a users instinctive reaction when entering VR is to look for their hands, for most to either not see anything or for the objects to not be aligned with the real-world counterpart. Usually they’re not your hands and they don’t bend or interact how you’ve intended, simply because VR has been focused primarily on reducing latency and improving graphics, not necessarily peripherals.

The Manus VR gloves allows for your hands to be integrated into the VR experience and instantly allow you to pick up objects, point, wave, and anything else you do with your hands, making the whole experience feel more real.


The closest thing to what the Manus VR gloves offer are the wands that are compatible with the Playstation VR, but even then they only track the movement of hands as opposed to granularly representing joints bending.

The Manus VR developer kit goes on sale in Q2 of 2016 for $250 and is expected to ship in Q3. Given the gloves have only been in development since 2014, the developers have certainly done a great job bringing this from a concept to a marketable product.

Source: Engadget


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