Mario Kart is coming to VR, but most of you won’t get to play it

Nintendo doesn’t seem very interested in entering the virtual reality gaming space with its current Switch console. However, a classic Nintendo game is getting the VR treatment, and you can play it soon… if you live in or visit Tokyo, Japan.

Polygon reports that another Japanese gaming company, Bandai Namco, is launching a VR arcade in Tokyo on July 14. It will include a number of arcade machines that will use the HTC Vive headset. One of the games that will be included in those machines is an officially approved version of Mario Kart.

As shown in the video above, people will be able to compete against each other in Mario Kart VR inside those arcade machines. In addition to getting a first-person view of racing in those wacky karts with Nintendo’s characters, the game will also use the Vive Tracker in a unique way. The puck-shaped accessory is placed on the wrists of the players. While they race on the tracks in Mario Kart VR, they can raise their hands to throw virtual versions of their character’s weapons at other players in the game, all while their movements are tracked with the accessory.

While most of us won’t be able to play this version of Mario Kart VR,  it does show that at least one Nintendo game can be translated into virtual reality. Hopefully Nintendo will start experimenting on their own with VR technology in the future.

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  1. Unless VR is coming to Europe or USA don’t bother posting this. We don’t care if its possible to make it in vr if we can’t play it.

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