Meet in virtual reality with Slack integration for AltspaceVR

The emergence of virtual reality has opened up the possibilities of virtual meetings and reducing physical borders to enable real-time communication with anyone anywhere. AltspaceVR creates an environment for friends and families to meet to socially connect, and now the app has received Slack integration.

At SVVR 2016, AltspaceVR CEO Eric Romo talked about the company’s new VR Call app on Android that aims to simplify the process of connecting people through AltspaceVR. This allowed friends and families to send invite links to friends through existing social channels, which then open in an AltspaceVR room.

“If you haven’t had the experience of connecting with loved ones, who might be thousands of miles away, in VR, you should do it. That sense of physical space, that the person you love is standing right there in front of you, when you [only] get to see them once a year… is something that you will never forget. And this is why we think a billion people will use VR.”

Romo said, however, that after the app was launched, employees at the company were using it for meetings and pasting the links directly into Slack. While that worked fine, why not eliminate the middle man? Thus AltspaceVR Slack integration came to fruition. The integration installs a bot within your Slack organization which gives access to the /vrcall command and the ability to create a room and paste the link automatically throughout the channel. Anyone with AltspaceVR installed will be automatically pulled into the newly created meeting room.

AltspaceVR is cross-platform so you’ll be able to meet with friends, family, or colleagues, regardless of if they have the Gear VR, Oculus Rift, or even someone joining directly through their PC in desktop mode.

The integration of VR seemlessly into existing social channels is exactly what the industry needs to get the technology adopted, and slack integration for AltspaceVR is a great step in the right direction.

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