The Merge 6DoF Blaster ditches the headset for smartphone VR and AR action

Do you want to play action-packed smartphone VR games, but don’t want to wear a headset? A company called Merge claims to have a solution with its newly announced product: the Merge 6DoF Blaster. It’s shaped like a retro sci-fi pistol, but its true purpose is to give gamers an easier way to experience VR and AR games.

According to Merge, the 6DOF (Six Degrees of Freedom) Blaster will contain high-end positional tracking technology. This will let owners who attach a smartphone to the Blaster to move around virtual worlds by physically moving, ducking and jumping in the real world. The Blaster will be released later this summer, but the company has yet to reveal its price. Merge also plans to launch an SDK for VR and AR developers as well, which will allow them to make apps that are compatible with the Blaster. It will also release the Blaster’s manufacturing specs so that hardware makers can create their own products that will work with Blaster-based apps.

In addition, the company has announced the Merge Mini, a smartphone VR headset made especially for children that are 10 years of age or older. The small and lightweight headset is designed to be used by smaller hands, and will work with most Android or iOS-based smartphones. It will also launch this summer and will be priced under $30.

Finally, the company has announced the Merge Miniverse, an online store where smartphone owners can check out VR-based games and 360-degree videos. All of these products are being demoed this week in Las Vegas as part of CES 2018.

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