Microsoft’s Hololens Developer Packaging reveals click-based controller

Augmented reality. The concept has been fiddled with lightly in the past through implementations such as Nintendo’s “3DS” handheld gaming system, but has never really been developed to enhance the way people interact with their world. Not until now, that is.

Today, Microsoft unveiled the official developer edition of its “HoloLens” augmented reality headset, which aims to turn existing worlds into interactive dream lands. Over the past year or so, the device has been shown off quite a number of times, though we never actually knew what we would get inside the package until now, when Microsoft unveiled the official packaging at their annual Build developer conference in San Francisco.


The biggest surprise from the reveal is the inclusion of a click remote. While it’s not completely clear what the remote does, we can assume the user can use the device to select different options in 3D space. There are limitations to naturally selecting such objects in augmented reality, and a separate click-based remote should help users to interact with their environment in a more consistent way.

The visor also seems to come with a soft touch carrying case and charge via micro USB, which is convenient considering more than a few of us have a seemingly infinite number of these cables lying around our households, cars, and other living spaces.

The headset will set you back a good $3,000 if you want to get one of your own, which is likely to keep the first iteration in the hands of developers who can take the tech to the next level. Though there is currently no information known about the rumored consumer version of the device, it is likely that Microsoft is waiting for developers to populate the application base available for the device to make the headset more desirable.

How interested are you in augmented reality? Is the concept more interesting than VR? Let us know.

Source: Microsoft

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