Microsoft HoloLens heads to Retail stores

Eye tracking could prove beneficial to both VR and AR.

Consumers in the US and Canada can now get their hands on the Microsoft HoloLens without having to apply or be invited as the AR headset opens to retail consumers.

The HoloLens will be available to purchase from the Microsoft Store for those in the US and Canada of which consumers will be able to buy up to five units.

While the HoloLens has hit retail availability it is still worth noting that it is still the Development Edition and not the final Retail release. It is still not clear at this point quite what the difference will be between the Development and Retail Build, but if Microsoft are confident enough to open up purchases to the general public then the hardware is clearly ready.

Those who wish to purchase the HoloLens Development Edition via the online Microsoft Store will still require a free Microsoft Account and currently is only available in English.

The price remains at the same $3,000 USD that it has since pre-orders originally began and consumers will be allowed to purchase up to five headunits per account.

With no scheduled expected release of the consumer version of the HoloLens, picking up the Developer Edition at the Microsoft Store is your best chance yet of getting your hands on one. So if you’ve got $3,000 USD burning a hole in your pocket, why not grab a Microsoft account and pick yourself up a HoloLens?

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