Microsoft HoloLens may soon be used by tank commanders


The Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality headset is still in its infancy, but one company already thinks it can be used directly on the battlefield. Limpid Armor is promoting a new helmet made for tank commanders that has the HoloLens headset embedded inside.

The helmet itself is called the Circular Review System (CRS). The idea is that tanks with external cameras can connect to the CRS, so that the tank commanders will be able to “see” everything on the outside in a full 360 degree viewpoint. It will also be able to distinguish between friendly and enemy targets on the headset, and could feed other info to the commander directly, such as new orders,  special alerts and more.

Limpid Armor has yet to actually test the CRS in an actual battlefield situation, so a lot of this is pure conjecture for now. However, the company claims that Ukraine’s military has expressed interest in trying out this AR device. We could definitely see how the HoloLens could be used by many armed forces, both on and off the battlefield. It remains to be seen if this early version of the headset will prove to have this kind of potential for future warfare.

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