Microsoft shows how virtual reality can change the way we work

With the predominant player in enterprise still Microsoft and the Windows powered PC’s, the company already has a huge footprint in which to embed any new ideas to change the way we interact and use computers.

Microsoft is on the forefront of the augmented reality technology with Microsoft HoloLens and also has a virtual reality offering, so it’s no surprise that the company are looking at bridging the gap between enterprise and VR/AR. Called the Windows Mixed Reality initiative, Microsoft demonstrated how the technology can be used to completely change how we work.

The demonstration took place at its annual Build conference with members of the Cirque du Soleil team on stage. Each member wore a Microsoft HoloLens and started demonstrating to the crowd how augmented reality could influence and change the way we do things in every day work life.

The team collaboratively designed a new stage layout for their show utilizing augmented reality to offer a different perspective and effortlessly rearrange objects to find the perfect setup. The real time collaboration was taken to the next level when input was required from parties not in the immediate vicinity. The other team member of who they required their input was currently in Europe but effortlessly was beamed into the field of view and represented as a cartoony looking figure to get in on the fun who was wearing one of the VR headsets that Microsoft offer.

Having joined the action, the remote team member could interact and move assets around already placed by those operating in AR. The way in which design can be collaboratively and effortlessly manipulated creates a huge opportunity for CAD CAM design, and even extends to a less animated situation such as a business meeting. It seems that Microsoft are fully focused on bringing what it has learnt in the enterprise world together with augmented reality and virtual reality through HoloLens.

While early days, this is certainly a promising use case and as the technology improves it will only get better.

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