‘Mission: ISS’ is Oculus’ free space station simulator for the Rift

Ever wonder what it was like to be an astronaut? NASA and Oculus want to give you that opportunity.

In Mission: ISS, users get to walk around the International Space Station in a super high level of immersive detail. The app was designed by Magnopus, a Los Angeles-based team looking to help people be educated about the world around us. The insides of the station were re-created almost completely to scale, attempting to help thousands of people really experience what it is like to drift above the world we call home.

In addition, the team at Oculus is partnering with CNES, the French Space Agency to bring a Rift to the ISS. This will be used to test how humans respond to virtual reality while being immersed in zero-gravity, and should spell some very interesting results.

If you want to try out the app, you can grab it for free on the Oculus Store. So go out there and become that Astronaut you always wanted to be!


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