Moto Racer 4 delayed until November 3rd

Moto Racer 4 was originally announced to be included in the launch lineup of Sony’s new PlayStation VR headset on October 13th, but to the dismay of many a motorcross fan, it doesn’t seem like the title was able to make the cut in time.

Through a new set of listings on Steam and Amazon, it seems the fast-paced racing title has been delayed to November 3rd and 4th respectively. At this point, the delay isn’t a huge deal, as November is just a few days away, but one has to wonder why the company was not able to release the title on time. The launch did seem a bit ambitious, aiming to launch just 5 months after the official announcement, in which the company posted screenshots which clearly stated “work in progress”.

The title should be making its way to just about every major platform one could think of, including PlayStation VR, PlayStation 4, XBOX One, PC, and Mac. This kind of cross-platform development takes much longer than just developing for one piece of hardware, and it would make sense for the company to delay the title for all if they were having trouble with a specific port.

In the game, users will be able to compete across over 100 different motorized challenges in 3 vast environments. Players can compete online against up to 9 others, or can even do split-screen multiplayer for localized fun. With over 15 single player and multiplayer modes to choose from, those who purchase the title should be able to enjoy hours of motorized entertainment.

There will be 2 different editions of the title available on launch. The base title will run you $29.99 USD, while the “Deluxe Edition” will total a more hefty $49.99. The deluxe edition includes a metal game case with the disk should you purchase a physical copy, as well as the season pass, giving players access to all 3 upcoming content packs.

While it’s a shame the game was not able to be released when intended, we are hoping the extra few weeks of development time will help to deliver a more polished experience. Especially in virtual reality titles where motion sickness can be common, it is crucial that the experience is ready for a wide range of users to enjoy.

Were you anticipating this title? Excited for the early-November release date?

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