Mr.Robot VR Experience hits multiple VR headsets


Cast your mind back to San Diego Comic-Con 2016 and you may remember a short film was shown based on the popular Mr. Robot TV series. It was shown as a one off as part of a worldwide simulcast, but now the Mr. Robot Experience is viewable by all.

Mr. Robot VR Experience is a 12-minute piece written and directed by Sam Esmail and starring Emmy nominee Rami Malek. It was created by Chris Milk and Patrick Milling-Smith’s VR production company Here Be Dragons, in partnership with Universal Cable Productions.

“Fans of MR. ROBOT want more than just to consume the series – they want to immerse themselves in it,” said Alexandra Shapiro, EVP of Marketing & Digital, Entertainment Networks, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment. “This VR experience is meant to give our most passionate fans the opportunity to delve deeper into the characters and plot of the series in a way that is truly additive. It’s another way we are working to tell stories in alternative, bold new ways.”

The TV series was hugely popular so can only imagine that when combined with VR, lovers of the show will be even more impressed. Mr. Robot isn’t the first piece of content to be optimised to offer a VR experience, and it seems many studios are opting to use virtual reality as a form of enhancing the advertisement of the original pieces.

Sam Storr, Executive Producer, Here Be Dragons, said; “The MR. ROBOT project was sort of uncharted waters for VR. It’s not just a beloved show; fans pour over every frame, finding meaning and intent everywhere they look. For us and for Sam, the VR experience had to blow minds with the same intensity and verve. Sam came through with an amazing angle of approach, and the team at NBCU went the extra mile in order to let the creative flourish. We think the film is amazing, and a huge flag planted in unexplored narrative territory.”

The best bit is that it doesn’t matter what VR ecosystem you’re invested in either – the Mr. Robot Experience will be rolled out across Facebook 360, YouTube 360, New York Times VR and the Within app on Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift.

Are you a fan of the Mr. Robot show? Drop us a comment below if you’ve picked up the Mr. Robot Experience and let us know what you think.

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