‘Narcosis’ gets a launch date alongside new trailer

If you’re a fan of the Dead Space or Bioshock series, Narcosis was meant for you. The title plunges the player into the aftermath of a deep sea diving accident which has left them stranded far below the deep sea. The title uses minimal light sources as well as a dangerous environment to create a feeling of extreme tenseness while playing, only adding to the stress the player feels when attempting to monitor their available oxygen levels.

While there are no villains per say in this title, the circumstances are made to keep you on the balls of your feet, making every movement count. The immersive style of virtual reality only furthers the immense stress felt by the player, and we have to say it looks pretty intense.

The company, Developer Honor Code, have just released a new trailer for the title, and it looks incredibly chilling. The end of the trailer unveils the new release date for the game, which is currently set as March 28th, 2017.

The title will be launching on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Xbox One, so you should have multiple ways to play no matter what platform you use. Are you ready to endure the terrors of the deep sea?

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