Netflix transforms “Stranger Things” into a 2 minute 360 video experience

Netflix seems to have an unlimited abundance of inspiration when it comes to ideas for their original series. From Orange is the New Black to House of Cards, the Los Gatos based company has produced series after series which peak the interest of viewers enough to keep them hooked. The company is looking into the future however, and is hoping to build a strong portfolio in the virtual reality space as well. To kick things off, Netflix has just released a new 2 minute clip from its recent hit Stranger Things, which aims to showcase just how immersive 360 video can really be.

The clip is actually quite creepy, which works very well for VR video experiences. Users are left in a living room in the middle of the night, with only a beam of light guiding their way through the darkness. This turns out to be a great way to focus the attention of the user, as many directors have had trouble portraying exactly what they needed through 360 video as a format. Although the clip is animated, it does a fantastic job of following along with the theme of Netflix’s original show, and should be a foolproof way to get users interested not only in the new series, but in VR as a new source of content.

Users can view the clip through any Google Carboard style headset, although I was creeped out just watching it in the browser. If you’re brave enough however, watching the clip in true VR should be the best way to experience it, and should do quite a number on your nerves. If Netflix was going to pick any show to showcase the immersiveness and power of 360 video, this is likely their best option.

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