New Batman: Arkham VR trailer shows new scenes from the upcoming title

We’ve reported on Batman: Arkam VR quite a few times in the past, as it is one the debut titles on Sony’s new Playstation VR virtual reality headset. The title places users in the position of Bruce Wayne, allowing them to experience first hand what it is like to be Batman, fighting crime and protecting the city of Gotham. Leading up to its October 2016 release, Rocksteady Studios have been busy showing off the new game to players at events such as San Diego Comic Con, and have just released a new trailer showing users reacting to the game.

In the video, players from the annual convention are seen playing the title with a Playstation VR headset and some Batman-inspired headphones, sharing their reactions and experiences with the camera. Although the video is obviously meant to be a promotional piece, they genuinely look like they are having a great time. Many of the users said the game made them feel strong like Bruce Wayne himself, and that they were extremely excited to pick up the game once it launches.

One player made the point of saying that the game convinced him that virtual reality was “the future”, and we would have to agree. The fact that we have the ability to put ourselves in the prospective of a superhero is incredible, especially taking into account how convincing it is. This is one of the first titles incorporating the superhero universe as well, and we could see some incredible titles coming out for virtual reality platforms which would fulfill every comic book fanatic’s dreams. Assuming that we create even better technology in the future emulating full movement, these games should be even more incredible and convincing in the coming years.

What are your thoughts on the title? Are you excited to try it based on the gameplay released so far? Let us know!

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