New Google Cardboard experiences bring ancient dinosaurs to life

Google cardboard is often times a consumer’s first dive into virtual reality. Though it currently can’t even touch the content that can be delivered on something like the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, there are still a huge amount of applications that make the technology awesome. Google themselves have published a variety of experiences through its Arts and Culture application, which has always been a hub for beautiful images from around the world, but now gives users an even more unique glimpse into museums everywhere.

In one of the many new experiences which were just released by the search giant, Google has combined a simple museum walk-through with breathtaking realistic animations. The video brings an enormous dinosaur to life, filling the room with water and enabling the beast to swim right off the wall. This experience is very similar to that present in The Blue, where a large whale makes quite an entrance by swimming directly next to the user.

Along with this particular experience, Google has also teamed up with 50 natural history museums all over the world to to create over 150 others. This is pretty incredible, because it means almost anyone can view these hubs of ancient history. Users can view all of these stories along with 300,000 photos and more than 30 tours through the application.

While you can view all of these experiences on your computer and phone in regular reality, they are best viewed on a cardboard headset through the Arts and Culture app. 360 degree video gives a whole new outlook on these experiences, and the animations that Google has baked in help to show the immense scale and ferocity of these monsters like never before.

If you’re interested in checking out the experiences, you can find them all in the Google Arts and Culture app for Android and iOS.

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