Two PSVR bundles are coming this month

Sony first introduced the PSVR launch bundle as a pre-order opportunity, which came with the headset itself, the Playstation Camera, 2 Playstation Move motion controllers, a Playstation VR demo disc, and ‘Playstation VR Worlds’. User’s haven’t been able to get their hands on this bundle since before the original launch, but today Sony has decided to re-launch this exclusive bundle as well as one with a different game.

The new set of bundles come with all the same hardware as the original pre-order launch bundle, but one of them comes with ‘Rush of Blood’ instead off ‘Playstation VR Worlds’. While the original bundle will be returning to stores everywhere, the new ‘Rush of Blood’ bundle is available only at Gamestop and EB games.

Both bundles will be available for $499 USD or $699 CAD, and will be coming sometime next week. While there is no specific official release date for either of these bundles, make sure to check your local stores multiple times next week until they come in.

Interested in picking up one of these bundles? The hardware and software only cost and additional $100 when buying them together, so it seems like a pretty great deal for those who were looking to get into virtual reality already.

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