Six Flags Magic Mountain introduces New Revolution, a rollercoaster with a unique VR twist

In and of itself, Virtual Reality brings a level of immersion you can’t find with ‘traditional’ video games. Once you put that headset on, you’re whisked away to a wonderful new world. How can you one up that? What if you could actually feel every move, twist, and turn in the game? That’s exactly what you get when you merge a real life rollercoaster with a VR headset.

Six Flags Magic Mountain’s latest attraction is called the New Revolution, and at first glance it looks like any other theme park rollercoaster, that is until they strap a Samsung Gear VR on your head. To be fair, this rollercoaster already existed, originally dubbed the Revolution, but this VR twist helps bring it new life.

Every single rider is given a Gear VR (powered by a Samsung flagship phone) during the ride (though they aren’t obligated to wear it.. but that’s half the fun!), and placed inside a virtual world where you are aboard some kind of fighter plane. This gives you the feeling of being free flying in the air, and you can look around at different angles and even shoot away at enemies – all while riding a rollercoaster in real life.

USA Today wrote about their experience and said it was an amazing twist to a traditional rollercoaster, noting that the wind in your hair and the actual quick movements of a real coaster help really put you into the game. You might think that this could be a bad idea for those with motion sickness issues, as both rollercoasters and VR tend to induce nausea for some. Thankfully though, one of the reporters from USA Today said that by focusing on the screen their “stomach felt stronger”. Whether that’s the case for every rider remains unseen.

For those that are near Magic Mountain, or interested in taking the trip, the New Revolution opened today in a soft launch form for season ticket holders, but will be open to the general public starting April 21st. We suspect the lines to get in and try this one are going to be crazy as hell though, especially considering this is the only VR rollercoaster experience in North America, at least for now.

Via: USA Today


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