New Space Channel 5 demo to be shown at Tokyo games show this week

If you’re not aware of the 1999 Dreamcast classic Space Channel 5, have no fear, as it may be coming to virtual reality headsets soon.

Space Channel 5 puts players in the perspective of Ulala, a space reporter looking to bring down her enemies through music and dance. The title is level based, and the fights take place through dance-offs which the player participates in by mimicking the movements of enemies to a given beat. Essentially a Dance Dance Revolution title with a story line and no dance pads, the groovetastic game was ahead of its time in the gaming industry.

Fortunately for fans of the series, the developers have announced a re-emergence through the power of virtual reality. A new demo called “Ukiuki Viewing Show” will be available for play at the Tokyo Games Show next week, and will take place at the HTC booth. If the title is made available on the Vive, as it seems it will be, users should be able to fight their enemies with dance using physical motion as opposed to the old method of just tapping directions on the D-pad.

While there is no validation that the demo will lead to an actual title being released, we can all hope that that is what the company is planning. The experience is apparently going to be used to promote Japanese carrier KDDI’s social VR software Linked-door, aiming to link players in virtual worlds using a variety of  game-based experiences.

While the company is obviously focusing the demo on showcasing the evolution of Linked-door, that doesn’t necessarily mean a full fledged title won’t spawn from the demo. The promotional video the firm has released seems to showcase the Space Channel 5 portion specifically, zoning in on the game at the end as if it is particularly special. The game might be part of the Linked-door experience, but we can hope that the game has just as much content and story as the original title.

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