Cloudhead Games Reveals New Trailer for “The Gallery: Call of the Starseed”

Virtual reality is not an easy platform to develop for. Since the medium is so new, many developers are having a hard time catching on, and it will likely take a couple of years for the market to be saturated with titles from more popular developers.

Some smaller developers, however, are embracing the new medium. One such developer, Cloudhead Games, is looking to take the industry by storm with its new title, “The Gallery: Call of the Starseed”. After 3 years since the company first launched its Kickstarter back in 2013, the company is finally ready to bring its content to consumer VR.

Cloudhead initially lead its founding with the title “The Gallery: Six Elements”, but with VR previously only being available through development kits of the Rift, it had a hard time taking off. Though the first offering was anything but a hit, producing their first product early gave the company an opportunity to really refine its product offering, and they’re hoping to knock it out of the park with the new adventure. With Vive, Cloudhead is hoping that users can interact with their world in ways in which they only dreamed of 3 years ago, feeling their way through ancient ruins along an abandoned coastline.

Cloudhead is looking to spear the new technology on the head, and hopes to be the first to make a truely interactive puzzle game on the platform. CEO Denny Unger explains his enthusiasm for the title’s launch:

So many of the things we’ve done in The Gallery are completely new. There were no pre-baked solutions, no standards when we started this adventure in 2013. What we’re striving for is to give consumers a great introduction to VR and to build their excitement for the future of the medium as a whole. VR done right can make you feel like a kid again and it can give you all the excuses you need to lose yourself in the moment — to simply play!

The trailer certainly seems enticing. We’ll keep you updated with any news relating to the title when it releases.

via: Road to VR

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