Nintendo NX may not support VR after all


We’ve previously heard that the Nintendo NX was pushed to 2017 in order to support VR but that may now not be the case.

The successor to the Nintendo Wii U console was widely expected to feature virtual reality and the core of its functionality and was purposely delayed to fully implement this. However, according to top executive Shigeru Miyamoto at an annual shareholder meeting this week, the Nintendo NX may not feature any VR technology at all.

Originally delayed until March 2017 and missing the important holiday season, the Nintendo NX was the company’s hope to bring it back on the map of console gaming after a rather failed Wii U. The delay, according to Shigeru Miyamoto, was due to “an idea that we’re working on”, which was assumed to be VR given the move of Playstation and Microsoft into this technology.

Now, in a report at the Wall Street Journal, comments again made by Miyamoto, have been taken as strong indications that Nintendo will in fact omit VR as a core feature in its next generation console. At an annual shareholder meeting, Miyamoto said regarding VR “We’ve been looking at the technology, but we should also see how it fits into our products that are designed to use for the long term and how parents would feel about their children mounting VR devices”.

He also highlighted the lack of social and sharing aspects associated with virtual reality, something which Nintendo are heavily interested in.

With Microsoft launching Project Scorpio to set up its VR platform and Playstation on the verge of shipping its VR headset, it may seem out of place for Nintendo not to include VR in its next console. The question is then raised as to if the release predicted for the Nintendo NX will be revised given the technology that was said to be causing the delay may not even be included.

Nintendo usually come up with some unique way to differentiate its consoles from the rest of the market, but if it’s not VR, what will it be?

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