Nintendo NX could include VR support, launching 2017

It seems that Nintendo may be getting into the VR industry with the company’s next major hardware release according to a recent report. We’ve already seen the title typically associated with Nintendo, Pokemon GO, be given the virtual and augmented reality treatment and how well the technology enhances the experience, so it’s of no surprise that Nintendo are looking to explore VR.

According to Digitimes, citing sources “from the related upstream supply chain”, Nintendo’s next major hardware release will be called the Nintendo NX and will be include VR support. The Nintendo NX missed its original mass production scheduling that was due to start mid-2016 and will instead be pushed back to early 2017. The delay was said to be intentional on Nintendo’s part as a way of not only refining the user experience but to build in VR support in response to the market.

The Nintendo NX is said to be formed of two devices much like the previous Wii U. It’s the handheld portion that accompanies the main console portion of the NX that will include a 5 to 7 inch display and be used as a “VR function” according to the report.

It certainly makes sense for Nintendo to delay its console to respond to the likes of the Playstation VR and also understand what Microsoft have up its sleeve with VR support on Xbox One. The gaming industry is naturally moving towards VR and virtual reality as a platform is still finding its feet in terms of the experience being defined with how to best implement and interact virtual environments.

Nintendo could provide a glimpse of the NX at E3 in a few weeks time but it’s unlikely that any significant details would be revealed. For now, we’ll be just left to wonder what it would be like playing Donkey Kong in virtual reality.

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