Nintendo NX gets its first Virtual Reality game, kind of – but not really


Nintendo have already reportedly stalled the production of its next generation Nintendo NX console to optimise for virtual reality, and now news has surfaced that the first VR title for the system is in production.

Zockrates Laboratories has uploaded a trailer for a new game called Riverside, which is a first-person experience where players explore a virtual woodland environment. What is interesting is that the trailer reveals that Riverside is in development for both the Oculus Rift and Nintendo NX.

Despite the trailer claiming support for the Nintendo NX, the developer’s Twitter account reveals that they don’t actually have an NX development kit yet, raising questions around genuine virtual reality support for the console. It seems the gameplay footage in the trailer has been shot with the Rift version of the game utilising the head-tracking technology of the headset.

It seems more likely that Riverside is currently a non-VR title, at least for the NX, but it could be that the developer is waiting for more information around the NX release date. Recent reports suggest that the development of the Nintendo NX has been pushed into 2017, although we could be seeing teasers of the console next week at E3 2016.

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