Nintendo Swich modified to run as a VR device


It’s no secret that the Nintendo Switch was expected to support some kind of VR. Nintendo even filed a patent that showed methods of turning the console into a VR device but the company decided against VR whatever the reason.

One user has decided that they wanted to pick up where Nintendo clearly didn’t feel comfortable exploring and decided to adapt the Switch to VR.

YouTube Blogger Nintendrew explained that he wanted to see what the Switch could do when it came to virtual reality. He took the Switch and stuck it in a Durovis Dive 7 headset and strapped it to his head. He did note that any tablet sized VR headset would be sufficient for housing the Switch.

Using the hidden browser on the Switch, he was able to navigate to YouTube and uploaded a video of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Surprising, or maybe not, it worked just fine aside from some issues with the video quality given the screen width.

The take away being that the Switch is perfectly capable of exploring the world of VR. Nintendrew noted that he wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo were working with VR capabilities behind the scenes. The biggest issue that seems to be apparent with the Switch is the feasibility of wearing the device for so long. If this can be overcome then it may be something Nintendo seriously consider, but until then you too can make yourself your own bespoke VR headset.

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