Nintendo wants to make sure VR is safe for kids

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A couple of weeks age, we reported on how Nintendo has allegedly decided not to release their own virtual reality headset in the near future. While everyone from Valve to Sony seem to be jumping headfirst into the new technology, Nintendo thinks that the tech is far from being developed enough to really take off. And while they may not necessarily producing their own product for the consumer market, the company is hard at work trying to make sure the technology is safe for the younger members of our society, if and when they do.

Nintendo tried to do virtual reality (kind of… though it was really more just primitive 3D in a headset) back in 1995 with the introduction of the Virtual Boy, but has held its distance since the product became a full blown disaster. Because virtual reality technology wasn’t quite as advanced back then, the headset caused massive headaches and dizziness for many who attempted to play games on the platform, and was pulled from production less than a year after release. This event likely plays a part in Nintendo’s commitment to make the platform safe for kids, as it could potentially help to patch their legacy.

Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto recently announced the research at the company’s shareholder meeting, stating that they are looking to make sure “a parent doesn’t need to worry” when their kids toss on a VR headset.

With the technology growing so rapidly, there are a lot of small issues that we haven’t thought much in relation to the younger generation. Although there is an immense amount of research being conducted to try to reduce motion sickness in VR, few have though about the effects the tech will have on children. If virtual reality becomes a common household commodity, Nintendo wants to make sure the tech is safe for everyone.

If Nintendo is able to fix the motion sickness issue even for kids, they may be more interested in pursuing the tech in the future. While the company don’t think the tech is ready for mainstream just yet, there is a possibility that the platform will become much more affordable once we perfect these issues down the road.

What do you think about the research? Do you think kids should be using VR headsets?


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