HTC says they don’t need to cut the price of the Vive after Rift price drop

Yesterday we reported on the fact that Oculus was slashing the price of its Rift + Touch bundle by $200. That was a pretty massive cut, considering the combination used to cost $800, the same price as the HTC Vive. The new bundle also now comes with Robo Recall, the extremely high quality title by Epic Games, further adding to consumer value. This news spurred quite a bit of discussion about what HTC would be doing to respond. Since both headsets now offer quite a similar experience, the $200 cheaper option from Oculus will most likely start gaining a lot more attention.

To our surprise, HTC actually offered an official statement on the matter, stating that they don’t feel they need to cut the price of the Vive to match what Oculus is offering. The company states that the ecosystem that has been developed for the Vive offers incredible value for consumers and developers alike, and the success they have already seen with the system proves that they are offering one of the most comprehensive experiences available.

Here’s the official statement:

We don’t feel the need to cut the price of Vive, as we’ve had incredible success, and continue to see great momentum in market.  We’ve built a strong ecosystem made up of Viveport, Vive X, Vive Tracker and Vive Studios, and remain laser focused and are not changing our strategy of delivering the best and most comprehensive VR product to both developers and consumers.

What do you think about this statement? Do you feel that HTC is going to take a hit from the recent announcement from Oculus?

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