Now is your chance to buy a Microsoft HoloLens

Eye tracking could prove beneficial to both VR and AR.

If you wanted to get your hands on Microsoft’s Augmented Realty HoloLens headset, you’d have needed to be a developer with a serious amount of free cash.

Microsoft have now loosened up these requirements to purchase the HoloLens and is now allowing pretty much anybody the chance to grab one.

You only have to meet three conditions to be able to get up to five HoloLens units:

1.) you have a Microsoft account,

2.) you have an address in the US or Canada, and

3.) you can afford the device’s $3,000 price tag.

So as long as you meet those three requirements, you’ll be able to pick a HoloLens, or 5 if you want, directly from the Microsoft Store. Officially, the HoloLens is still aimed at Developers and Business customers but that won’t stop you from buying one if you fall outside of these categories.

Remember that this is a developer version of the HoloLens and is therefore priced as such. If you desperately want to get your hands on Microsoft’s latest Augmented Reality technology, then this is your chance. But if you just want a new toy to play with and are not interested in contributing to the development community, it may be worth waiting for the consumer version that will no doubt be a little bit cheaper.

Microsoft started shipping the HoloLens to Developers in March, so the fact the company is opening it up so quickly to a wider audience is a great sign that the company have confidence in its product.

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